Letters from Clara


Clara Blanca Friederike von Schmalensee was the third daughter of FFL and his second wife. She was born in Gross-Paglau in 1854. Due to the family’s financial situation, Clara, too, was forced to work in several different positions before finding a place with the Karbe family in Adamsdorf. There she helped to run and manage the estate and she remained there for many years. After the death of Frau Karbe, Clara married the owner of the estate, Arnold Karbe, in 1889. Although he was 29 years her senior, it appears to have been a very happy marriage. He passed away in 1897. In 1899, Clara married her second husband, Royal Prussian Cavalry Captain Ernst Karl Hermann Christoph von Blücher, born in 1860 and owner of the estate in Wolkow in Pomerania. After her husband died in 1917, she signed over the estate in Wolkow to his nephew. She lived there with him and his wife for several years until she passed away in 1928.